Finally! it took so long to update this site! hehe! Mobbitts!
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Hey people! I am nicole and this is my site! you can talk to me in the guestbook or instant message me. i have four profiles so you should try all of them. I have GalSpen, RoughRancid, InsaneAndyFreak, SadismIsWrong and Irideawhitepony. my e-mail is

3/28/04 Dang! its been so long sence i updated. im just revamping this site to stuff im interested in and stuff! keep posting in my guestbook! love you all!


11/26/03- nicole- i am taking full control of this site. i have added two pages anad im working on them. i need some gripes for the gripes of the year. thanks.

11/16/03- nicole and mikalya are going insane. over evrything. nicole hates sadists and people with labels this month. mik hates nicole this month

10/31/02 HAPPY HALLOWEEN I am spending the evening reading Stephen King novels and talking on the phone. Sounds like fun doesn't it? :rolls eyes: Hey if anyone wants to see a horror movie but doesn't want to pee their pants, watch "Darkness Falls." It is about the toothfairy and how if you peek when waiting for her to come, she will kill you. It is really funny (I have a weird sense of humor), and the only real scary part is at the beginning.

YUM! I LOVE THE LITTLE PEOPLE! wait? i am the little people!

Well it took forever for me to updat this site so i am glad im on here again! maybe i'll make some secret diaries and post some paradies up.

ha ha ha no wonder avril is such a stupid poser
bitch ^- look above! i would throw stuff at her
all day during her childhood HA HA!!!!!

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Cool Poster!
Well since im putting in some new stuff, well might as well give the site a new look!

Ok people this is gonna be a good site so don't mind us.